Ready to adopt your very own virtual baby and take care of it? Then plunge right into Baby Adopter! You’ll have to feed the child, bathe it, change its diaper, and play with it to keep it happy and healthy. The baby is absolutely adorable and it won’t be long until you grow really attached to it!

Step into a parent’s shoes and see if they fit!

But it’s not just about taking care of your baby’s basic needs. You’ll also have to pay attention to its likes and dislikes, and try to keep it entertained with toys and activities. You can take your baby to the park, give it a bath, or even teach it how to walk! In the process you’ll be earning coins that you can use to buy all sorts of cute clothes and accessories for it. You can dress your baby up in all kinds of adorable outfits, from cute little onesies to stylish hats and shoes. But be careful, because if you neglect your kid’s needs, it will start crying and become unhappy. You don’t want to be a bad parent, do you?

Baby Adopter

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