Step into the shoes of a young babysitter, who’s taken on a seemingly innocent job, only to realize that things are not what they seem! You are about to take care of one rather weird child who seems to be possessed or something, and it’s your own life that’s at stake here. Will you risk it to solve the mysteries of this bizarre house? Then let’s go!

When baby-sitting can be lethal

Everything starts rather innocently. The baby in yellow lies in its crib, its eyes closed in peaceful slumber. But as you approach, you notice that something is off – the baby’s eyes snap open, and they’re not the innocent eyes of a child. They’re filled with a malevolent energy that seems to seep into your very soul. But you can’t turn back now – you must face your fears head-on if you hope to survive. You must find a way to escape the clutches of the evil that haunts this place, before it’s too late! Start playing right now and hope that you’ll get out alive!

The Baby In Yellow

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