Prepare to spend the weekend with Baby Taylor, a cute and energetic toddler who loves to play and have adventures! You’ll get to do all sorts of fun activities with her, like baking cookies, going to the park, and even having a picnic!

Have a great time with Baby Taylor!

But it’s not just about having fun. You’ll also have to take care of Baby Taylor’s needs, like feeding her, giving her a bath, and putting her to bed. There are indicators to tell you when the kid is hungry, sad or tired. This toddler has a lot of energy though, so you’ll have to keep up with her! As you complete different activities and daily tasks with your little charge, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy new clothes and accessories for her. You can dress her up in all sorts of cute outfits, like princess dresses, animal costumes, and more! You’ll surely love spending time with this cute and lovable toddler, and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about taking care of kids!

Baby Taylor Happy Weekend

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