Dealing with a one year old is not easy. Even if it’s your own son. At this age, children still do not really know anything about the world around them and the dangers lurking in it. At the same time, curiosity beats in them, and they strive at all costs to get to the box where household chemicals are stored, or to examine the nearest outlet for its interaction with various thin objects, including their own fingers. To prevent tragedy, you need to exercise your parental instincts in the crazy and absurd game Who’s Your Daddy!

Become the daddy of the year… or at least, the day!

Here you have to take on the role of a young father who was left alone with a small and very restless child. This bundle of energy simply cannot sit still. He still does not walk very well, but you can always get to the object of interest by crawling or holding on to furniture. As soon as you turn away for a minute – and your child is already playing with a kitchen knife, holding on to the wrong end at all. One tiny slip on your part – and now you are one child short! So get ready for a real parenting challenge – this baby will not let you just sit around on the couch watching TV!

When playing Who’s Your Daddy, you have to be constantly on your guard. Even if right now, at this very moment, the little prankster seems calm and sits quietly, this doesn’t mean that in the next moment he will not take off to set out on another potentially murderous adventure. So rare moments of peace can be spent baby-proofing the house. It won’t hurt to lock some cabinets in advance or to put away any dangerous objects that you are going to notice around. This way, you will minimize the chances of your child stumbling upon them and using them to kill himself.

Outsmart your own toddler and save him from certain death!

And of course you have to watch your young tomboy with both eyes! He was just here and now he’s disappeared to who knows where? Check under the sofa, in the closet, on the windowsill, in the next room. Any second can be decisive, so you can not hesitate. Your restless child will try to kill himself in every possible way throughout the gameplay. And each time he will become more and more inventive, so you also need to be careful and cunning if you want to save this little rascal’s life. Do you think you can handle that? Start playing Who’s Your Daddy now and see if you can cope with your parenting responsibilities!

Who’s Your Daddy

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