Who’s Your Daddy is an epic and insane quest of keeping your child safe from harm in your own house as you need to babysit him for a few hours before mom comes back. That might sound like nothing special, but in this game, things are ramped up, and you’ll find it a real nightmare to keep the little troublemaker at bay. And if you’re playing as a baby, it’s even more fun cause you get your dad to run around like a psycho trying to save you from immediate death! Choose your role and let’s get started!

How hard is it to be a dad?

So, at the beginning of the game you’ll have a chance to select whether you want to play as the dad or the baby. Both roles have their exciting and challenging parts, so you might want to try both. Right upon that, you’ll find yourself in the house that consists of two floors and numerous rooms. You’ll be moving a lot all over this whole space, whether you’re the worried young dad who doesn’t know the first thing about how to babysit his own son or the mischievous little guy looking to explore the world around him in ways that can be potentially life-threatening.

Let’s talk about the dad’s responsibilities first. Your job is to baby-proof the house and prevent your little one from hurting himself. As you race around the house, trying to block electrical outlets and lock cabinets, your baby is always one step ahead, finding new ways to get into trouble. And even when you think you’ve covered all the bases, there’s always a new object or area that you overlooked. Another challenge is keeping track of your baby’s whereabouts. The little tyke moves quickly and can easily slip out of sight. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and constantly check on them to make sure he’s not working on getting killed this very moment.

Unleash your inner baby and fool around!

Now as to being the toddler in the game. Babies in Who’s Your Daddy are notorious for their insatiable curiosity and boundless energy! You have one goal in mind – to explore the house and find all sorts of things to play with and get into mischief. From climbing into the oven to hiding in the dryer, there are endless possibilities for adventure. You can crawl around the house and explore every nook and cranny, climb onto tables and chairs, and even fly around using jetpacks and other fun gadgets. You can stick your fingers into electrical sockets, climb into cabinets and drawers, and even ride around on vacuum cleaners. So choose your role and let’s have some fun!

Key features of the game

Let’s summarize the main characteristics of this entertainment:

Asymmetrical gameplay. The game’s unique charm lies in the possibility to select your role. You can choose to transform into a dad or become a mischievous baby.

  • Baby’s mischief. Playing as the baby, your goal is to explore the house and find objects that could be hazardous. From electrical outlets to cleaning supplies, the baby’s mission is to interact with these items, putting itself in humorous and perilous situations.
  • Daddy’s responsibilities. On the other side, the daddy’s role is to scan the environment and remove all the obstacles. You should delete or lock away all dangerous items before the baby reached for them.

Hilarious dynamics. The game displays the humorous interactions between the baby and the daddy. The baby makes a mess, and the daddy desperately tries to maintain order. You will witness unpredictable and amusing scenarios.

Multiplayer mode. The most exciting feature of this entertainment is the ability to share the fun with your friend. Share the roles as you wish and enjoy this super adventure.

Success in the game requires both strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Babies must outsmart the daddy, and the daddy must stay vigilant to prevent the baby’s attempts to create chaos.

Grab some tips!

Who’s Your Daddy? Is an unpredictable and humorous game. However, you will soon find out that it is quite tricky to win it no matter what role you select. So some helpful hints may simplify the walkthrough for you and teach you to take correct steps. Follow these tips to adapt to treacherous situations, and, most importantly, embrace the chaos that unfolds in this unconventional adventure.

Tips for a baby role:

  • Exploration is a must! Explore the house thoroughly to find potential hazards. Look for objects like cleaning supplies, power outlets, and sharp items that bring danger.
  • Create Distractions. Keep the daddy busy by creating endless distractions. Knock over objects, make noise, or crawl into hard-to-reach places to divert attention and give you opportunities to get into mischief.
  • Be cunning! Be strategic in your actions. Create havoc when the daddy is busy or in a different part of the house. This can increase your chances of getting away with hazardous activities.
  • Use small spaces. Take advantage of small spaces and crawl into areas that are hard for the daddy to reach. Whenever you cannot be caught by a daddy is already a small win!
  • Observe daddy’s reactions. Pay attention to how the daddy reacts to your actions. Learn from these patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly in new rounds.

Tips for a daddy role:

  • Make the house safe. Start the game by making the house free from dangerous elements. Identify and secure potential hazards like power outlets, cleaning supplies, and sharp objects to minimize the baby’s mischief.
  • Remain on the alert. Keep a close eye on the baby’s movements. Watch for any suspicious behavior and react promptly to prevent accidents. The more attentive you are, the better you can protect the baby.
  • Utilize baby-proofing Tools: Make use of baby-proofing items provided in the game, such as outlet covers and cabinet locks. These tools can help you secure the environment more effectively.
  • Stay calm and ddapt. The gameplay is more than chaotic as you can hardly predict the baby’s actions. Stay calm, adapt to the baby’s strategies, and be quick in your responses to maintain control.
  • Learn from experience. Each round offers a learning experience. Pay attention to the baby’s tactics, and use this knowledge to improve your childproofing strategies in subsequent rounds.

This cool game brings a double portion of fun as you can enjoy it from different perspectives by playing different roles. Do not miss this wonderful chance to interact in a world of chaos.

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