There is a common belief that dads are worse in taking care of kids than moms. Well, you just got a chance to prove it wrong! In this crazy and silly game, you will embrace the role of a young dad who needs to babysit his son for a few hours without letting him end up dead. Or you can become the baby and drive your father mad!

How good of a babysitter are you?

Who’s Your Daddy 3 that takes place in a typical suburban house. The setting is colorful, cartoonish, and filled with all sorts of objects that you’d find in every single home like that. There are couches, chairs, tables, and even a crib, which is where the fun really begins.The house is split up into several different rooms, each with its own unique features and dangers. There’s a kitchen with a stove that you can turn on and off, a bathroom with a toilet that you can climb into, and even a garage with a car that you can drive around (if you’re playing as the baby, of course).

Toddle your way into trouble or try to save your kid from one!

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter all sorts of wacky items that you can interact with. There are electrical outlets that you can stick your fingers into, knives that you can use to cut yourself, and even a bottle of bleach that you can drink (again, if you’re in the role of the kid). Playing as the dad, your task is to make sure all of the dangerous stuff doesn’t get into the naughty little hands of your restless opponent. Which means you’ll have to explore the whole house and remember what lies where, just in case.

The whole setting of Who’s Your Daddy 3 is designed to be playful, silly, and above all, fun. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and encourages you to let loose and embrace your inner child (or parent). So whether you’re toddling and crawling around the place as a curious kid or frantically trying to keep your little one safe as a tired and stressed-out dad, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. Start playing right now and see for yourself!

Who’s Your Daddy 3

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