Have you ever wanted to live a completely different life, without actually having to deal with the real-life consequences? Well, look no further than BitLife, the ultimate life simulator! Here you get to create your own character and guide them through life from birth to death. You get to make all the major life decisions, from choosing your career to getting married and having kids. So what kind of path will you choose?

Live your life anew!

As soon as you start playing, you’ll be hooked. You’ll be making decisions left and right, trying to balance your happiness with your finances and relationships. Should you go to college, or jump right into the workforce? Should you marry your high school sweetheart, or play the field a little longer? There are plenty of choices to make. So try BitLife, live out your wildest dreams and who knows, you might just become a virtual billionaire or a superhero!

BitLife – Life Simulator

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