Minecraft has long seized to be just a sandbox with a quirky pixel design. Now it’s a whole hub where you can find just about every single game that once used to be popular online. And Who’s Your Daddy didn’t skip this list. Here is a cubic version of the crazy survival game where it’s either the dad or the baby. And you get to play both roles!

Enjoy the pixel version of the dad vs. baby battle!

As you know, Who’s Your Daddy doesn’t only have the single player mode where you just assume one of he roles and the other is performed by the AI. It also allows two players to have fun simultaneously. And that’s much more exciting cause a live human can get very creative and you never know what to expect from them. This is just the kind of a great time you’re about to have in Who’s Your Daddy Minecraft!

Surely, everything and everyone is going to be made of pixels here. You’ll see a square-headed baby crawling its way through a cubic environment and interacting with objects that might just as well have been crafted in your regular Minecraft workshop. If only you could toss together a few batches of wood and stone to make some stuff that would help you keep that restless baby in check! But you’ll just have to do with what you find in the house.

Crazy, fun and mortally dangerous!

And there are plenty of opportunities to turn the game into a crazy rescue-suicide mission! All sorts of items and appliances are lying all over the place, including those that cause immediate harm and pose lethal danger. Depending on whether you’ve been dealt the dad or the baby card, your goal is either to save your little one from inflicting any kinds of injuries upon himself or get killed in the most epic ways.

No shortage of those! There are several items that can be incredibly dangerous and harmful to the baby character. Cleaning supplies like bleach, drain cleaner, and other chemicals that can be toxic or deadly if ingested. The game also features a realistic portrayal of the danger posed by electrical outlets, as babies can stick their fingers in and get electrocuted. Knives, medicine, hot surfaces, even guns – all these things are abundant in the game. So start playing Who’s Your Daddy Minecraft right now and see if you can complete your mission successfully!

Who’s Your Daddy Minecraft

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