The game Gacha club 2 opens you a wide world of creating your own characters. You can discover many new heroes, as well as create a suitable image for them. There is an opportunity to completely customize the hero according to your preferences. After creating a character, you will go to the battles. There are more than a hundred different items and weapon variants in the game, thanks to which the conditions of customization become almost limitless. In addition to all this you will be waiting for an interesting gameplay, where everyone can become a winner.

How to play?

You start with the hero creation process. Here you can create several characters and change them during the passage. After that, you have access to the arena, where up to 10 heroes participate. There battles are held there, in which you must emerge victorious. Playing at different levels, you become stronger and increase the capabilities of the hero, which will increase the chances of success.

Gacha Club 2

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