Snow Rider 3D game will allow you to feel yourself in the role of Santa Claus, who is late to distribute gifts to everyone. He has to take risky steps and make his route on a short, but very dangerous road. On your way will meet trees, stumps and large barriers. All this must be bypassed to avoid collisions. For each obstacle you get a point. The longer you manage to hold on, the more points you get. Passing turns out to be quite difficult, but very exciting. Each failure forces you to make another attempt and drive as far as possible.

Game Features

The routes in Snow Rider 3D are constantly updated. You will not be able to learn all the nuances of the track and pass it perfectly. Each time you will need to adjust to the changing environment. On your way you will meet moving obstacles, with which it is noticeably more difficult to cope than with static trees. The game has bonuses in the form of gifts. You need to collect them on the road.

Snow Rider 3D

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