Slope 2 is an arcade game in which you control a ball constantly rolling downwards. On his way there will be various obstacles in the form of pits, spikes and other things. Collision with such objects will lead to a loss. You need to maintain a stable and safe movement along the route to get as many points as possible. There are several stages in the game, on each of which the environment changes and new obstacles are added. The longer you ride, the more points you get.


In addition to traps and obstacles, the game also has a number of power-ups that allow you to get more points, provide protection for the ball, and take advantage of other benefits. Some of them are upgraded over time and you just need to activate them in time. Others need to be collected on the level. Sometimes during the passage there will be difficult areas where new items are located. You can use the springboard and other gas pedals.

Slope 2

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