Teardown multiplayer game is a multiplayer mode, in which you together with other players can engage in robberies. The main feature of this project is that the destructibility is perfectly developed here. Here you can not only destroy a house, knock down a pole or do other similar things, but also enjoy high-quality physics. The physical behavior of objects is close to reality, which is what attracts many players. Thanks to this, many do not pay attention to the tasks, but only immerse themselves in the total destruction of surrounding objects.

The task for the player

You need to commit a robbery and not get caught. To do this, you should prepare the ground and develop a plan. The alarm system will not work if you do not take the right item. Until then, you can clear the way and prepare all the things. Once the alarm is activated, there will only be a short period of time before the police arrive.

Teardown Multiplayer

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