Gun mayhem 2 game belongs to the shooter genre. There is no long and complicated plot. Also there is no realistic graphics. But at the same time the gameplay managed to make original and exciting. You fight on the field against computer characters, using different types of weapons. The enemy is fast and smart, so the shootout with him will be interesting. Not everyone will be able to defeat the enemy from the first time.

How to pass?

Passing the game Gun mayhem 2 in the story, you will gradually encounter opponents of increasing complexity. You need to develop not only the skills of your own character, but also your own. You need to think quickly and react in time to all the movements and attacks. You need to get used to the peculiarities of management, as well as pick up a suitable weapon for yourself. Features of the character’s behavior and shooting are noticeably different, depending on the selected weapon. Therefore, you need to try out all available options in practice.

Gun Mayhem 2

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