Purble place game is a collection of mini-games, which presents fascinating, but quite simple examples. Here you are waiting for developmental entertainment, thanks to which you can practice memory, collect points by making a minimum number of mistakes. All games have simple and bright graphics and all of them are made in the same style. This gives integrity to your adventures in the game world.

What games are present in the collection?

Purble place players have access to the following games: memory game with matchmaking, choosing a stylish outfit and making cakes. Each of the games has a high level of replayability, and can also be considered a kind of classic. In the memory game, the location of objects always changes, so each time the game will be like a new one. The recipe for the cakes in another game also changes, where you need to cook everything without mistakes. These are the games that you want to return to repeatedly over time.

Purble Place

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